O pant, template

O pant: Fit 3

originally published 5/27/11


I was perplexed as to how I was going to add more to the front when the side seams were now 1/4″ wide. I don’t like seam allowances any less than 1/4″.  My preference is for 3/8″. So letting out the side seams was not my preference.  I looked long and hard at the back crotch and let the back seam out 3/8″ (leaving that seam allowance at 1/4″) and the scooping out the bottom.  I did add the 1/4″ to the waistband and just eased the additional from the center back across the wb.  I also pulled the front up 1/2″ at the center front tapering to nothing at the sides. The waistband and front crotch now feel comfortable. But basically it is: WHAT A WASTE OF TIME”


The back doesn’t have X lines, but does show arrows clearly point to again, from knee to the rear exit. Kinda of a big neon sign says “exit this way” Yuck.  Think so, then look at the front



WOW clearly designated  pu bic area. Not my intention.


From the side and front, the pant y line is not exactly visible. But you are exposed to a roll of fat.


Sigh.  The back crotch is rubbing on my tailbone something fierce.  I scooped out the bottom. I think I need to find out how to scoop out the back. But I’m cautious about that because I could be seeing pant y lines, again.


Sadly, the third fit is not an improvement over the previous; and the first fitting was a waste of time as the front bubble really wasn’t discovered until the 2nd fitting.  This experience reiterates my thought expressed in prior blog posts:  For my body—- I’m being specific here.  I don’t think this can be a universal generalization.  For my body, I need to fit the waistband first and then work on other areas of concern.


One good note:  The hems were turned and tacked at 3″. They appear to be near perfect at this time.  But since I still need major fitting adjustments, I won’t trim and stitch them permanently just yet.