New Way to Fit my Old Bu!! (Part 2)

originally published 11/30/10


So to continue  This configuration was actually working well:


That is the pants weren’t sucked into my rear in the back, they were the perfect height both front and back, the side seams bisected my leg and hung perfectly straight; and I wasn’t plagued by X folds in the back but I did seem to have a little too much ease right underneath the bum.  Now, I’m not young enough to desire a close, form revealing pant.  I want a pant that skims all the lumps.  You know, tight enough to show I’m a woman and loose enough to show that I’m a lady.  The experts looked at my latest versions and said “you need a flatt butt adjustment”.  Please, I’ve never had a flatt behind and don’t have one now.  This is my rear from my personal croquis:


That’s not flat. It’s not as round as it used to be, but it’s not flat; and needs to be considered along with the body-space requirement of pants.  Body-space is a difficult thing to explain. Briefly, and you should do some research on the subject yourself, briefly it’s the amount and the shape of the space that your body takes and which your pants must fit around.  You can get an idea of your body space using a simple exercise.  If you have a flexible ruller that’s the best tool. But also aluminum foil rolled in a log can be used or anything else that you can bend to a form and will hold that form when it’s released.  Put the flexible ruller or aluminum foil between your legs and give yourself a wedgie.  Mark the waist front and waist back (I used 2 rubberbands). Oh and mark your “special place” too.  Because that’s usually the center point for your crotch.  Carefully step out of the ruller or foil and then lay it onto a large sheet of paper.  Trace the inside, again marking the wast front, waist back and your crotch center point i.e. that special place.   Stand back.  You now have a snap shot of your natural crotch.  Mine looks like this:


Whoa!  How about that?  The front is on the right clearly showing my tilted waist.  One of the first issues I fought with was too much fabric in the front.  I always looked like I was missing something in front.  I’d sit down and this big fold would pop up in front.  I’m female.  I’ve always been female.  This limp male protrusion was an embarassement. The next thing I realized was that I am round, very round, with maybe a flat spot between my legs.  Rather like a tire where the rubber meets the road.  Except that a tire is usually uniform on both sides of the flat spot where I clearly have much more on one side (the backside) than the other.  Oh and how well do you think that fits in the standard pant draft?  Forget the standard, how do you think my altered draft is going to fit?  Well just look at the two side by side:


Actually, it’s a miracle that they fit at all. The only similarity I see is that the front is shorter than the back. Where my back side curves up and in at the waist, my pant draft zooms off like a rocket in the opposite direction.  I have a flat spot, my draft does not.  I am rounded my draft is a narrow, deep U.  How the heck do these pants hang so well on me?  It’s not logical. Just not logical.