New Burda Pants

originally published 1/24/11


I thought in my retirement I would sew as much as I wanted. Just before retiring, I wondered how long until I’m bored sewing.  But I have to say, I’m never bored.  There’s always something new thanks to Stitchers Guild, clubBMV, Sewingpatterns.com and Burda Style (BS). 


Yes, I too am thoroughly disgusted with Burda about somethings.  For example Burda reduced the number of sheets on which the patterns are printed—very bad for my “mature vision”.  I could rant much more but this post is not about what Burda does wrong or doesn’t do, it’s about the fresh ideas Burda brings into my home. I’ve found I can minimize my BS frustration by ignoring their on-line presence (I’m not a member of any Burda user group); skipping all the lusterous fashion photos and going directly to the magazine’s center, cheapie (very cheap), newsprint pages.  Ah, now that’s exicitement for me.  In Nov 2010, I found this rather plain looking pant:

2010-11-129A on the first 2 of the cheapie pages.  On a hunch, I flipped to the pattern instructions and was immediately sucked in by


Do you see that?  The back is divided in two pieces and the side back is attached to the side front.  You should vision a pant with front and side back attached and instead of a side-seam, a seam going straight up the center of your backside.  For the young, very sexy.  Oh la la, la la, tres sexy. For the mature figure a seam exactly where we need a fitting opportunity!  Yes yes, there is some kind of pocket and a facing finishing the waistband, but the unique two-piece pant is the star attraction.  I’ve seen this division reversed i.e. back attached to side front with small front section or, 3 piece back, side (side-back attached to side-front), and front; and my favorite Trudy Jansen with Front, side-back, center-back. (TJ is the best fitting pant I own or make).  But this is different.  I had to make this. 


I traced 2010-11-129 almost immediately.  I keep a supply of tracing papers and pens afterall, I’m miles away from sources.  It’s best just to keep a current working supply and 1, unopened package of much utilized supplies.  But then life got in the way. Oh shucks, I had an opportunity to upgrade my Bernina 1630 sewing machine.  I’d planned to upgrade it 5 years ago but couldn’t find the right replacement.  In November, things just worked out for me to replace it,  but by-golly the process consumed my heart, body, soul and sewing time.  Then Christmas happened and the JAM and, well my traced pattern got put away. Not forgotten, just carefully folded and stored.  After my successful wool coat Vogue 1060, I’m so high I had to once again tackle my nemises:  pants ie pant fitting.


Out comes Burda 2010-11-129. Well I should back up just a speck.  This was also prompted by my weekly ironing.  Whilst putting away my clean clothes I realized I had but 9 bottoms.  9, you’d think, should be enough to get anyone through a week.  But I’ve noticed that I have a very nice wool blend pair of pants that I queue up and then say “Oh I want to keep these for …”  They are so nice that I want to keep them for special or at least dressier occasions.  Truly, they fit well, look nice, are comfortable to wear.  They are light weight but between the wool content and some weather-appropriate underwear, sufficiently warm. They do get worn, but not as often as my other pants.  OK that means I regularly wear 8 of the 9 bottoms.


1 of the remaining 8, is my first pair of Jalie jeans.  They still fit around me, but have shrunk lengthwise.  I let them hem out and wear them when I’m not planning to go far from home (like no further than the garden).


Then there is Ver 2 of my JSM Ciggie pants made from a microfiber microcord, with me knowing full-well that this fabric would shrink with each washing. I didn’t expect this pair to last more than 1 season.  But that was OK since this was the wearable muslin. Oh and they’re not lasting the full season.  They need to be replaced.  That brings me from 9 to 6 bottoms that can be depended upon every day (day-in day-out;week after week).


I also made a pair of JSM pants from a silk/cotton  blend purchased from Michaells about 2 years ago. My gosh this is wonderful fabric.  I have 2 cuts left and want more.  Even DH makes repeated compliments on these pants.  I’ve shrunk another size. So have they. So the silk/cotton blend will continue to shrink during laundry. Er, if you wash in warm water such as I.  Probably they would shrink less or slower if I were more particular. I’m lucky I can still wear these. They too have had their hems released.  Unlike the denim, the released hem hardly shows.  But alas, they are shrinking faster than I.  I really can’t count on wearing them next year.


And I am down from 9 to 5 pants that can be depended upon day-after-day; week-after-week. Of the 5, 2 are jeans.  Not shrinking badly, thank heavens.  But eventually they will fade to the point that I prefer not to wear.  Will they be with me by next winter?  Not likely. 


So even though it appears that I am sufficiently stocked with bottoms, in the back of my mind I know I need to think about adding more before it is critical.  Hence my excitement about 2010-11-129.


Oh my. It seems to be that’s enough writing for tonight. Please join me tomorrow. I will share my pattern alterations.