Burda 2010-11-129: Fit Session 05

originally published 1/30/11


I’m already up to 5 fitting sessions and I’m not done. 


I’m am however satisfied with the front:



and the side is not bad.  Probably when I fix the back the side will be fine as well.




The back however is a series of wrinkles:




Do recheck the front and back for crotch length.  It is now good as a result of some judicious scooping. Please read the note at the bottom of the Front’s picture.  That wrinkle developed while hanging upside down on the hanger.  Possible I should have pressed yet again, just before photoing.  In truth, I thought that the wrinkle would “unhang” when the pant was turned upside down.  My bad.


The bubble is back, suggesting that I need to remove just a bit from underneath the waistband. However, if I do this the crotch will not be long enough and will need scooping one more time.  I’ve already scooped about 1/2″.  There is a limit to how much scooping can be done before other issues i.e. wrinkles are caused.  Question is is better to ignore the bubble which will probably be covered up by my tops and vests? Or is it better to take the bubble out, scoop a little more and hope not to create other wrinkles?  I really could bea at the best solution for this rendition as it is. 


Let me repeat from previous posts, I have not transferred any alterations from the pants to the tissue.  DH doesn’t like these pants.  He doesn’t like any wide leg pant.  Although he can’t explain why, I can.  For most of us, the wide leg adds bulk i.e. visual pounds to bottom halves.  Most of us are happiest with our own appearance and with the appearance of others when our tops are balanced with our bottoms.  The wide leg, totally upsets this balance.  So while I’ve enjoyed “messin” with this pattern, I’m not likely to use it again. Hence no effort to tweak the pattern for future use.  The absolute most I will do is write my changes on the pattern envelope (my own envelope as I traced this from the magazine) and keep the pattern.  If my storage space becomes too over-crowded, this pattern will end up in the trash can as I make room for pattern I do want to re-use. 


However, just for my own edification, I’d like to follow through on Gigi’s suggestion:

Gigi said…



Bev, why can’t you just run a seam down the side (where the dart is) and take some width out of the inseam? …

January 25, 2011 11:58 AM



Now this is  great idea.  I’m debating on taking that route now while the pant is clearly too large in back but fitting nicely at the waist and crotch.  Or should I complete fitting this and then alter the legs??? I’m just not sure.


Since this has already taken so long, (I can make a pair of pants from my JSM TNT pattern in about 2 hours) and I really do need to be putting some pants I will wear into my closet, I carried on with the cutting I mentioned last Wednesday.  The silk vest with lining is cut and folded sitting next to my serger.  I did use Butterick 5387 to cut the purple stretch velvet and that will warrant a post of its own.  Plus I’ve cut a pair of pants from the acorn brown corduroy.  I used my JSM pattern.  Even though it’s a TNT pattern, this new par will also warrant a post of its own.  I modified SB pocket from 1060 and want to share what I did.  So I’ll keep myself busy whilst waiting for your suggestions for Burd 129.