2010-11-129, template

Burda 2010-11-129: Alterations

originally published 1/25/11


Yes I decided to carry on.  I’m really curious about this pants pattern and want to see them go together, even if I don’t wear them.  I used Nancy Ziemans’ glide and twist or whatever she calls it to add only 3/4″ at the waist and 1″ at the hips.  I use the waist and knee as my pivot points because I really don’t want to add any more width the the legs, but know I need more room if I’m to get this pulled up over my hips. Oh and I  revise seam allowances.  I trim the tissue.  My right brain is saying “go for it.  Let’s finish these now that we’ve worked out the problems”.  My left brains sits up and screams “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo The fabric is wrong. The fabric is wrong. The fabric is wrong and your calculations suck too.” Now I’m not psychic. Hardly even intuitive.  But I have learned that when the left side of my brains objects strongly, I should listen.  My left brain is analytical too.  It reaches conclusions faster than my right brain.  But it focuses on aesthetics first and practicalities next.  Also, it seems to be verbally challenged. Look at what it said. My left brains was ranting about the fabric and then threw something out about the calculations.  But my right brain becomes contrite and starts screaming too: “Is not. Calculations are fine.  We’re not wearing these anyway.  Let’s do it now”.  So left brain and right brain are arguing.  Do we have a 3rd or coordinating brain?  I ask because this very reasonable inner voice says “It won’t hurt to wait over night.  If I can’t figure out what’s making me uncomfortable. I’ll go ahead as it’s laid out.”


So I pick everything up. Hang it on a hanger and place in my closet.  I look around for something else to do and settle on cleaning up a little bit.  Then I get into refolding another shelf of fabric.  Only 5 more shelves to straighten.  I like that refolding the fabric is a tactile sensation but also makes my stash room more organized and pleasant to work in.  In the process of refolding, I’m checking to be sure the “major” shelves all have fabric which is at least 2 yards long.  Anything less gets placed with the less than 2 yard stacks.  I’ve also been pulling out fabrics for jackets.  I started looking at some and thinking “this is never going on my butt”. Which was followed up with: do I really want this?  for what? and be serious if it’s not going to cover the butt, what will I really do? ”  I’m developing a whole shelf full of fabrics I’d love to use in jackets or coats.


I’m also finding muslin material.    I thought when I carried off those 6 boxes of fabric that I couldn’t stuff onto the shelves (nearly 4 years ago), that everything left was expensive fashion fabric.  I chose to donate mostly WFO fabrics, home dec fabrics from previous decorating schemes and quilting cottons.  But as I’ve sewn up some of the fabrics, I’ve decided I don’t want to make a garment from them or their cousins ever again.  Others I just feel and say YUK. I don’t want to wear this.  These fabrics are being stacked together next to a small group that, in truth, I probably would use for robes and housecoats but little else. 


As I’m refolding I start finding fabric cuts that would be OK to use for this pair of pants.  They’re not my best fabrics, but they aren’t horrible. I’ll looking for drape and weight- it’s still winter in South Dakota. I finish refolding and look through the 3-4 fabrics I’m thinking are suitable for the first (maybe only) iteration of Burda 2010-11-129.  I settle on an small, very small plaid.  It’s a light blue almost grey warp with a dark brown weft (hope I’ve got that right.  I’m not a weaver and, to my embarrassment, continue to confuse the 2 terms).  It’s spongy like wool, but is polyester.  I consider it might have a little rayon, but no there are no rayon tale-tells. I turn off the lights. Close the doors and call it a day.


When I return the next morning I start by pressing my fabric.  This is extremely wide. 62″ it must have been an upholstery or home dec fabric.  I’ve also decided to add 1″ SA to both sides of the center-back-leg seam. (That 4″ of just-in-case-ease.  To be used if lefty is correct and rightys calculations are off.)  If I hadn’t added the 1″ SA, I could have laid this pants pattern out on just one length 45″ long. That’s about 1-1/3 yards of fabric.  This could be a real fabric saving pattern.  Do you know how many 1.5 cuts of fabric I have? Well don’t worry, most of them aren’t even 58″ wide so the point is probably moot. I don’t alter my pattern, I just chalk a cutting line 1″ away from the center-back-leg seams.


And start my stitching.