The Refitting Sagea: Jalie 2908 Stretch Jeans

originally published 9/3/10


I wanted to make a quick post about this pattern because I will be using it as is.


According to the chart I could use a smaller size.  But the 2 pairs I have and which fit 16 pounds ago are still good to go. I’m sure that’s because of the high lycra content.  After each wash and dry the jeans fit tightly when first zipped up.  Slowly stretch and within a short time are comfortable to wear.  By the end of the day the waist band could use some tightening and there is a little bit of room at the small of my back. They do seem to have gotten a little shorter.  So perhaps the 2″ hem was a good initial call that I should have listened to and obeyed. But, essentially the jeans I made in January are still fitting in September.


My plan for this pattern is adding 2 more pair to the winter wardrobe and at least one new pair every 6 months thereafter.  I believe that new jeans are a good casual garment, especially when properly accessoried. Note I said NEW.  The jeans that I have in my closet have slowly discharged their dye and no longer read as new.  That’s fairly typical and I’m not unhappy with the fabric.  But I do want a new looking jean for some occasions.  So even though I probably don’t need a large number of jeans, I will be adding a new pair from time to time.


During construction, I will tweak the fit a little and add lots more topstitching than I’ve used in the past. This is possible because my weight loss has tapered off.  I’ve just re-started the drink-water-until-noon dieting.  Which I hope is all I need to lose the last 14 pounds. But you know, it is nice for the weight to be somewhat stable. It isn’t possible to fit TNT, basics/classics during rapid weight loss.