The Refitting Saga: The JSM Block

originally published 9/1/10


No I’m not recycling, or refashioning.  I’m making new copies of my TNT pants patterns and fitting them to my now lighter body.  If you noticed my 4Sale pics, I’ve put out there all my pants patterns including several never used, except the 3 that I was able to fit to me 16 pounds ago.   I’m hoping by using the same patterns, but a smaller size the fitting process will be faster and simpler.  So far  I think I’m right.


For the 2010 Autumn 6PAC I’ve fit the Joyce Simmons Murphy block:


After Thoughts


I traced the pattern a size smaller, added 1/2″ to the back crotch tip and 1/2″ to the side hip as well as shortening the leg 3″ (1 above the knee 2 below).  Looking at the last iteration (the last picture of the dark grey pants, and knowing what I do about the TJ906 pair that I am in the process of refitting,  I’m thinking I should try one more tweak for the JSM pair.  I’m thinking I should remove the 1/2″ add to the width at the hip and add 1/2″ to the length of the back crotch.  I might also prefer to have the front crotch shortened between 1/2″ and 1″.  In the pic I can see the front waistband seems to ride higher right in the front.  However, it feels comfortable.  Because this pair was made from a stretch fabric it feels comfortable in back too, but I still think it looks a little short.  I think I can hear cmarie12’s daughter saying “you just can’t leave it alone”.


I do have one final pair of pants from the JSM block but I don’t have pics.  It is a brown cotton twill with 3% lycra.  I bought this fabric thinking that 3% would be enough for the Jalie 2908 jeans pattern.  Alas, that has not been true.  However, using the same fabric for the JSM block produces a superior pant.  I’m not kidding.  The wrinkles tend to drop out and the garment looks nearly as good at the end of the day as it did in the beginning.  I’ve had some problem with the pockets wanting to creep out at the front top.  I fixed that by top stitching about 1/4″ down.  With this last pair, I did  top stitch the front crease about 1/8″ from the fold.  It just helps to keep the pant looking sharp during wear.  I’m undecided about the length.  When standing the pant seems a little long.  However when I sit, the pant legs tend to get shorter.  I, like many, spread when sitting.  I’m sure the spread is causing the pants to “rise” in an attempt to keep everything covered.  So I’m contemplating 3 tweaks.  I never met cmarie12 or or daughter.  But everytime I think of the tweaks I keep hearing cmarie12’s daughter’s voice in my mind.  She does have a point. The pants feel and look good, why am I continuing to tweak?


It’s taken me 3 days to write this post. I am having some health issues that prevent me from sitting at the PC long enough to make a post. But I also realized that I need to break this up.  I need a post per favorite pants pattern.  So with that in mind I’ll stop for today.  But I will continue to post about  my much accelerated pants fitting journey.