Burda 2010-04-118 Session 04 Fitting 03

originally published 6/23/10


Fitting 03 started with the realization that there was still too much fabric on my bottom half. I like the “skims everything reveals nothing” fitting approach with pants. Flowing, no-shape-hints-allowed, is not one of my favorites and definitely not what I wanted with this pair of pants. So I did two things (1) I hemmed the pants at 3″ instead of 2 This way the pants did not drag the ground. They hang from the waist and do not puddle on the floor.


Secondly I took another 3/8″ seam making the total on my side seams 7/8″ Whoops this was too much. And I’ve got the under-butt wrinkles again. So Now I rip out the back crotch and restitch but on the line I’d traced from Burda 2010-06-115. Letting out the back, gives me more at the waistline. I’m not sure whether I want to sew this out, so I ease the waistline to the waistband and call it good for now.


Now with Fitting 03 complete, I’m satisfied with the fit of the waist, back and front crotch, and width above the crotch. The entire leg is still too wide. And at this point I’d like to point out the safety pins in the front. If you haven’t noticed them before, they are pinned at the knee mark in the center front of each leg. However, they are 2″ below the center of my knee. I’m pretty sure that it’s too late to change this pant now and may not be needed. This leg is so wide that I can do lots to the width without affecting the fit at the knee. But I’ve done enough sewing for today and want to think about it before “fixing” anything else. So take a look FITTING #03: