Burda 2010-04-118 Fitting #02 (Session 03)

originally published 6/22/10

Loping off the 1-1/8″ from the top made a big difference in the feel and look of these pants. I still was seeing some wrinkles in the back that had me asking “Is this too still to low? Too tight? Or am I seeing that the waistband is still not tight enough?” I remeasured the waistband. It is difficult for me to get a really good measurement once the fabric is cut and stitched, but it did seem to still be my waist +1″. Preplexed, I decide to try the Comfort Waistband trick. I’d prefer to put clear elastic in the waistband seam. But I think I may do a lot more adjustments which means ripping and handling. So I decide to put clear elastic inside the waistband, but on the top just under the fold. I used a triple-zigzag stitch and cut the elastic exactly my waist measurement.


I wore them for several hours after that alteration before deciding they had much too much ease. I admit that staring at the pics also convinced me that there was entirely too much fabric on the bottom half of my figure. In the pics the side seams run beautifully perpendicular to the floor and bisect my side perfectly. I decided the best and easiest course of action is to baste the side seams an additional 1/8″. I also decide to baste the hem in the final length using a 2″ hem. Fitting #2 complete and these are shaping up.





Couple comments.

Sessions and Fitting don’t have the same number. It’s more like days and sessions are equal. On Day One Session One, I traced, altered, cut pattern and fabric. Ond Day Two Session Two, I did Fitting 01. Day Three Session Three, Fit 02. Confusing? I was afraid so.


Each fitting is taking place on a different day. That gives me plenty of time to contemplate the changes that I need to make. My figure seems to be unusual in that the wrinkles aren’t easily read. In nearly every fitting book and if I ask for fitting help, I get or see the response “this wrinkle means make that adjustment”. I’ve found that just doesn’t work for me. The winkles indicate something it not quite right, but not necessarily where the issue is. As in the at the first fitting when there were smile lines at the front crotch. Most advice would be, add more ease to the inner thigh. But the pinchable ease was 3″ and the crotch was hanging too low. Raising the crotch, by loping of at the top, took care of the smiles and lots of the wrinkles on the back legs. Shortening the crotch length, not adding ease was the correct answer for my body