Arrivederci Tj905

originally published 10/22/10


My first version of Tj905 has met with disaster.

  • Strike 1: I could not let out the seams enough to correct the worst of the fitting problems i.e. camel toe front and butt vortex back,
  • Strike 2:  Whilst trying to gain just a little more ease in the crotch length, I removed and restitched the waistband and facing.  Unfortunately the serging threads peaked through on the front. Neccessitating a second removal and restitching.  Although passable, I wasn’t truly happy with the final appearance, but I continued on.
  • Strike 3: I could not for the life of me get the front of the waistband to turn sharpely at the upper front corner.  Rip, stitch, press, turn, press, cuss. Repeat several times. In the end I realized it would be covered by both the belt and the fact I planned to wear my shirts untucked.
  • Strike 4: I carefully stitched the upper end of the belt loops in place on the waistband. Opps. One had been placed downside up i.e. the seaming was visible. Ackkkkkkkkkkk one of the belt loops had been completely missed. 


At this point I freaked.  I froze thinking about ripping out the topstitching and the waistband stitching one more time.  I asked myself  “Self, how many dollars is involved here?”  Well to tell the truth, this piece has been in the stash for so long, I don’t remember it’s purchase price or place.  To me that makes it FREE. I wadded the whole mess up and put it directly in the trash.


When wadders occur, I find the best policy to follow is to say “What did I learn here?” OK I learned


Despite the superficial similarities of TJ905 and TJ906, they are two very different patterns.  Perhaps some of the changes result from the different fabrics that are recommended; or perhaps because TJ906 is expected to be used for a casual jean garment whereas TJ905 was intended for a dressier pant.


I like this design too!  Even if I didn’t get it to fit me to my satisfaction, it’s still a very nice looking, easy to sew pant.


I looked up arrivederci. It’s Italian for “until we meet again”. I do plan to work with the pattern again, rechecking everythiing I did and I will  add this to my list of TNT pants.