2010 Autumn 6PAC: JSM Trousers Final Fit

originally published8/3/10


And the final fitting:







Ok you may not see much here but I do. My persistent diagonal lines- which originate at the knee and end 6″ from the high-hip – are gone. The back of this trouser hangs fairly straight. I seem to have the correct length for flats or very low heels but need to notate on my pattern that extra length will be required for higher heels. I may still have a problem with prominent calves (which may not be solved). Also note that a tunic-length top seems to cover all ills from thigh to waist. So onto the front view…

Finished Front

…very nice. I’m not leaning in this pic. My camera seems to have listed slightly. All drag lines or other problems are the result of my posture and a too tight belt. (Also I was bloated during this picture– elimination issues). I did no styling for this picture–outside of the belt.  (I wanted to know how the pant would feel with a belt in place.  Total waste of effort due to my elimination issues at the time).  When I wear these pants, I will not be wearing open-toe flats.  I will be wearing boots with 1-1.5″ heels with panty hose.  The wool content in this fabric is scratchy.  Pantyhose will be a necessity just to counteract the itch-factor of the wool.  (I have some tropical wool trousers that can be worn in summer with only Knee-Highs.  But this fabric is not the same). Onto the back


… in a nutshell, I think this pant is good. I could use just a little more ease across my bum. Maybe just adding to the back crotch length about 1/4″. In truth, I’m terribly pleased with this pattern, this size, practically out of the envelope i.e. no major alterations were needed–only tweaking for fit. In my next version ( a few weeks down the road), I will use 3/8″ seams and the back with 2 darts (i.e. the non-plus or standard size back); easing the waist to the waistband. I think this JSM (Joyce Simmons Murphy) pattern is extremely well thought-out.  Very well drafted AND requires no alterations PERIOD. I’m eager to start working with Trudy Jansens “Have A Fit”  instructions for taking a basic pant and making it into other styles.


Again, I am EXTREMELY pleased with this pants pattern.  It is rare to be able to start with a tissue pattern and simply tweak the final fit.  There just are no words to describe how delighted I am with this JSM pattern.


But of course, I am already onto the next pieces in my 6PAC Autumn Collection.  I cut not 1 but 2 coordinating tops and am still fondling the contrasting fabrics I have picked out.  Ah, that’s a post for another day.