Pants Obsession #2

originally published 6/18/2010

No pictures today.  Although I did take pictures.  I just don’t want to share them. Besides Blogger is h3!! on pictures.  I gave up trying to upload pictures directly to Blogger.  Sometimes it worked well. But most of the time it was iffy and a long wait. So I have been using various online hosting services which promise free hosting but want you to upgrade in 30 days and every 30 days thereafter.  The other joy is linking photos to Blogger.  Sometimes the link works just fine.  I find where I want the pic. Use Bloggers picture to link and the picture appears which I want it, the size I want it.  But most of the time the picture appears at the top no matter where my cursor is and then I struggle for 5 minutes to get it where I want.  Joy of joys is when I think the pic is where I want and continue to type.  Only to find the picture is still at the top or has dropped into some place I don’t want it.  So I’ve gone to HTML code to link the photos.  That’s still a learning process and I’ve already had the joy of being able to see my photos but the reader cannot. But I rant. Let me move back to the sewing projects


I was able to sew the pants from Burda 2010-04-118 and try them on.  They seemed a little large in the waist. Which was odd.  I had made the waist at the same ease amount (1 inch) as the final fitted skirt.  The skirt that I wore all day and adjusted until the waist was perfect.  Now I know that the fabric itself plays into issue.  I was contemplating, do I change the waist and the pattern or just this waist?  Then I started trying to figure how much. 1/2 inch?  No that seemed to much.  1/4 Inch?  OK but how and where and BTW that means I’m tweaking 1/8inch from here and there.  Plus my first pics indicate that I’m going to be tweaking the back crotch angle because I’m seeing those below the butt wrinkles.  Oh heck. It shows wrinkles everywhere.  I’ve even got smile lines at the front crotch that is hanging 3″ too long and I can pinch 2″ at the inseam.  But the dinner bell called, so I hung the pants up and waited for “tomorrow” to continue fitting. 


Things happened the next day and it wasn’t until the 2nd day that I had time for fitting.  I wore the pants for a half-hour contemplating the feel of the waist when I realized the top of the pants were at the waist and the waist band was 1+ inches above that.  I’m actually more comfortable with the waistband at the waist or slightly below.  UP to 2 inches below.  In fact below the waist is more attractive on me.  I suppose it’s because I’m a short waisted person.  But whatever the real reason, the below the waist waistband makes me look slimmer and better proportioned.  I did want a basic pant at the waistline.  I contemplated a little while longer and decided to make a change to the pant, but I will copy the pattern-draft and make adjustments to the copy.  I know that’s confusing.  But I thought it was interesting and possibly useful future information to know right where the waistline needs to be.  It’s only been a short while since high waistbands were popular.  Oh and the change was to remove 1-1/8″ from the top of the pant and then replace the waistband.  Oh much more comfortable.  I do believe I’ve hit the right placement and the right ease for this style. 


However, this makes me anxious about future adjustments to the pattern.  See I lopped off from the top of the pant, but on the pattern I adjusted the amount I added to the crotch depth. That means the waist of the pant is larger than the pattern will be. The front crotch still feels a tad long, but the front bubble is minor to non-existant.  Also the back above the butt is almost smooth.  I’m not quite sure if the waistband needs to be tighter or if this is an effect of the fabric or what.  I did nothing with the pant yesterday – although I did work on another sewing project.  Last night I decided that today I will add clear elastic to the waistband and retake pictures.  If that smooths out the last of the horizontal dips and blips…. Well I think I’ll just make a note to always use CE in the waistband. (Where’s a smilie when you want them).  And then it will be onto other fitting issues.  I need to rip and use the other back crotch really just a matter of resewing the back crotch seam because I cut for the crotch that worked on the shorts-that-fit-perfect but I sewed on this pattern line. 


I do believe that these are going to be too big all over.  They are still way too long.  For the first time I maked the knee not only on the inside but put a pin in the outside center front leg.  The knee pin is about 4″ too low.  Oh and the hems, they are much wider than I desire.  But not bad.  I could wear them as is and I might do that if I can work out the hip ease and the under-butt wrinkles.  So that’s today’s chore.  When I get to it.  So far I’m not feeling too good.  I’ve convinced myself to get up and get dressed.  Read a little on the internet.  But I keep wanting to go back to bed. Not a way to get anything done.