Fabric Shopping

originally published 4/1/2010


We spent a few days in the South West part of SD. Yes in Sturgis and the surrounding area, but not for the Sturgis rally (which isn’t until August anyway).  We’re not motorcyclist at all and our state does have other attractions.  As we were out and about, I was pleased to see that most people were dressing just a step up.  If they wore jeans, it was nice jeans with a nice shirt.  Instead of worn jeans with stained T-shirt.  I like jeans.  I like T-shirts (especially when I make them from Pamela’s Pattern).  But I like them clean, and tucked in.  Most people were adding belts and nice shoes or boots.  I only saw one pair of sandels.  The weather got into the 70’s one day and I guess one lady just couldn’t help herself.  But I also saw slim jeans and platform heels. Wuh! Kickin IT! Even in South Dakota.  I saw many women in nice trousers, with lovely blouses and light jackets.  It really was eye candy.  I saw only a few people who just didn’t seem to care. One lady in baggy exercise clothes that still crawled up her butt and another that dressed in scrubs.  To me both these looks say “I’ve given up. I don’t care about me. I don’t care about you. ”   Same ladies had some nasty looking hair too.  All I can say is, I’m sorry life is so bad.  Get some help.  You deserve to be happy too.  But, this is important, we were out and about the better part of 3 days.  I only saw 2 people  in this condition.  Everyone else was taking it at least a step up.  From clean, to slightly styled.  From dressed, to put together.  Maybe we’re not New-York-City-Sophisticated, but we are GOOD.


I did  get to a fabric store, Hancocks to be exact.  They were in the midst of a big sale and yes I brought home several nice pieces.  But I had trouble finding spring/summer fabrics and hardly anything similar to what the stores have stocked.  In fact it looked like Hancocks really wasn’t getting their spring/summer stock.  I looked around the store.  It was clean, the rows were all well stocked.  It wasn’t as if this was a going out sale, just not much in the way of spring/summer.  Maybe the sale is for cleaning off the shelves getting ready for spring/summer shipments.   I did find some fabulous stretch denim.  Black, my favorite, in 4% lycra.  I like 8% except that it seems to continue stretching all day.  So I felt like I really scored my favorite color in my favorite stretch.  It is 8oz, which is good for spring/summer, but I usually like just a little heftier denim.  I also purchased 2 non-stretch denims in a yellow and periwinkle/lilac.  These are light weight denim.  Didn’t say on the top what they were.  But if the stretch was 8 oz, I say these were like 4.  However, this is just what I want for summer.  I sunburn easily and terribly.  I need relief from the summer heat, but protection from the summer sun.  So light weight fabrics made up into long sleeve and long leg garments are the key for summer fun for me.  I found one print that was similar to fabrics in the stores.  But it was 100% cotton and was right in front of the quilting cottons.  I hesitated to purchase it.  But decided I would prewash and dry and then decide if it needed to be quilts or could be used in a blouse.  I also found a mesh knit which color-cordinates with that periwinkle/lilac denim; and found some light and sheer cotton/lycra knits.  In the store I thought I would use double layers or the sheer knits  to control see through.  But I may just go ahead and make summer cardigans.  Sorry I didn’t take pictures.  I’ve got everything sorted and ready to wash.  But after that’s done I’ll try to get a shot and post it here.