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The Trouble with Long Posts.

originally published 5/29/2010

is that you don’t read them. You try.  But your mind gets bored.  Starts thinking of something else or skipping words.  Please, I’m not mad, critical or even negative. Truth is, I’m assuming that what I would do at your Blog is what you are doing at mine. i.e. I’m equally guilty.  I welcome all your comments.  I love getting all your comments. Even if you don’t have any recommendations, I love that you are taking the time to give me pats on the back or offer moral support in the form of comments.  In fact whether I post or not, I check everyday for your comments.  But the truth is, my Blog is more for me than it is for you.  I blogged at first to record and share my first SWAP experience.  But I found that I truly loved blogging just for the record I’m creating of my sewing projects and the chance to write essays that are meaningful to me.  I love your comments, but I knew when I posted that humongous essay with pictures and links that it wouldn’t be thoroughly read.  So I hopped over to SG , posted a few pictures and asked for help there. BetsyV stopped me in my tracks when she wrote:


    “Well, I just want to reach halfway (or more) across the country and hike that waistband straight up.”



Ummm, in my blog which Betsy didn’t read I said that I had reluctantly added 1/2″ width to the back and the back waistband before cutting out the Microfiber Shorts. Added reluctantly because the waistband felt close but not tight and never uncomfortable. The microfiber shorts, intended to be a wearable muslin, felt fine at the waist. So I didn’t correct the waistband. But I wore and photoed them while wearing a belt. The cotton poly shorts (last pair), I wore and photoed without wearing the belt. The next step seemed obvious to me, check the cotton poly shorts while wearing a belt. That’s what I have for you today, along with my new evaluation of the shorts and changes I’ll be making.


#1 The Side Seam Drift:



With the shorts pulled up to position at the waist,  the side seam nearly straightens. I’m might not know it is still drifting, except I was looking for it up close. It is still a leaning a little forward starting at the high hip and ending at the hem. Since the style of this pant is a straight side seam, I will add an even 1/2″ width to the side and work the excess into the already present waist line tucks.  What is also evident is that I have a prominent tummy and that the front crotch is pulling down.  I’m not sure if I need to add more above the crotch or at the crotch extension.  So I’ll do both.  It is easy to remove a little from one place or the other  rather than trying to add. Miraculously, the hem no longer hangs at an angle.  I felt like I was pulling the pants up in front, but obviouly the back moved further up, because the hem is now hanging perfectly level.


The front, the piece that most concerned me; the piece I felt was getting worse with every change:




I’m thinking the same alterations for the side will fix the front. It’s readily apparent to me that the wrinkles point from my crotch to my tummy.  The front waistband clearly dips, but in RL, my waistline does too.  Adding extra just for that dip may not be the answer. I could find that the extra I add crawls up over my waist or creates a bubble just above the crotch (those are my 2 most common complaints with every pair of pants).  Wrinkles also start at the crotch and point downwards towards the hem; which would seam to indicate that the crotch extension is still a little short.  But I will add both above the crotch and to the front crotch extension. 


The back, formerly nearly picture perfect:


has now developed areas of concern.  I think that I will only add to the length of the crotch for the next pair, but I will also remove  the 1/2″ added to the waist band and add an additional dart to the back.  Curiously, after I pulled the pants up, the bubble directly under the waistband, center-back disappeared.  I’ve see that bubble on several other pairs and always assumed that the crotch should be shortened right there.  I’m wondering now if shortening the waistband length would also have been the fix for those. 


So plan of attack next pair of Burda 2010-06-115 shorts:


   Add 1/2″ width

   Add 1/2″ length above crotch

   Add 1/2″ length to crotch extension


   Add 1/2″ length to crotch

   Add 2nd dart at waistline

Back WaistBand

  Remove 1/2″

Front Waistband

  Distribute the extra pant ease at the waist into the 2 existing front tucks.


Sounds like a plan….