My Jalie Experience: Part I

originally published 3/15/2010

 am an incurable optimistic.  This is probably good.  But it does mean that I experience a lot of frustration in my life.  I don’t simply have an experience, like bad-fitting-jeans experience and never attempt the experience again.  I don’t fall off the bike and never try bike riding again.   The incurable optimist that I am, I attempt jeans fitting again and again and again.  Because I’m sure, in my heart of hearts, in my most-optimistic of hearts, that there is a divine solution out there that will produce the results I desire.  In this case, the jeans that fit and flatter my derriere. 


I have been spurred by 2 recent posts on sewing jeans; by 2 sewist with very different shapes; one as far from mine as possible and the other either exactly or pretty close to the same crotch shape as my own; AND —get this— both sewists used the same basic pattern: Jalie 2908




Picture is from Jalie’s site.  At anytime should you wish to purchase this pattern, just mosey on over to

Jalie 2908 and Add it to your cart.  You will of course need your own source of funding i.e. $$$. I can’t help you with that



So because the SelfishSeamstress with her tiny genetically restricted physic and Myrna of the high front low back oddity (my shape almost exactly)  both had excellent experiences with this pattern which just happens to be in my pattern stash, I’ve decided I must sew this jean. 


It is for stretch fabrics.  No problem.  I have several.  I located a light-medium weight denim in my stash.  Habitually, I pre-wash all fabrics as soon as they come home with me.  I mean, anyone and anything that lives in my house must be clean.  We do this as soon as we move in.  We walk in the front door in a plastic bag and go directly, downstairs into the laundry sorting bins.  We do not Pass Go, we do not collect $200 (remember Monopoly), whatever, we do not do anything else until we are cleaned.  So fabric has already been prewashed and therefore preshrunk and gently pressed.  I pulled the fabric from my shelves and pressed again in into the fabric shape/formation suitable for cutting.  I then located my Jalie pattern and begin tracing.


OMG!!!  This is the first time I’ve tried to trace one size from a pattern that has 26 (more or less) sizes on one page.  Fortunately it is not like the Marfy pattern book with overlapping pattern pieces.  I would never have finished.  Whoops, I quit last night while still having 2 pieces that need to be finished.  Hope to finishing tracing not tonight but tomorrow.  Sorrily, for me, Sunday had other needs to be finished before pattern tracing.  But I am feeling excited.  Ready to try this pattern, ready to cut the fabric Ready to SEW…… 


SCREECH—- That was me; hitting my creative breaks— I think I need just a little more prep and it’s going to be difficult .  This pattern is designed for a stretch fabric.  My beloved, adored trouser pattern is for woven non-stretch fabrics.  I need some way to calculate if the crotch length and depth will be acceptable.  I can’t do that with a pattern designed for wovens.  My woven pattern also has 1/2″ seam allowances.  This pattern contains 3/8″ seam allowances.  Additionally Jalie 2908 is deisgned for fabrics with 20% stretch.  I think my designated fabric fits that criteria, but how do I compare, how do I determine the pattern with it’s 20% allowable stretch, has chance of fitting.  If the pattern is too large, I assume that I can take the muslin it in at the seams, but I don’t have a fabric suitable to use as a muslin.  I either use a good fabric and take the chance of ruining it or do nothing. Sigh, I will use the chosen fabric and hope for the best. 


So, stay tuned.  I know from recent experience that pants fitting, well, can be a challenge for me.  But I also know that I have achieved perfection with a woven-non-stretch-fabric trouser pattern.  Jeans may be a different territory.  Just to start with they are closer fit to the body.  But I do have some RTW jeans that are OK.  I’m not really proud of them, but I do wear these RTW jeans when the occasions demands.  So, my ever optimistic heart, my infinitely hopeful heart says WE CAN DO IT!