Jeans: TJ906 2nd Fitting

originally published 3/23/2010

Oh I’m so pleased to share my results.  For starters, here is what TJ906 size 14 would look like when I’m normally clothed and posed.


ah Back view:

OK a few wrinkles.  Not really drag lines, certainly not the view of too tight jeans or jeans 4 sizes too large.   This is close to what I’d like to see.  I would like my jeans, even non-stretch fabrics,  to skim all the lumps and bumps;  fit just a little closer in the leg but allow for normal physical activity.  I’m not Brangelina.  I need to move.  I need to do things. I don’t have a very skilled artisan air-brushing every pic of me into perfection. 


Now the legs, I may be able to manipulate the pattern to fit a little closer.  Truth is for a nearly-60 year-old woman, these don’t look so bad. The side view was blurred, so I’m not posting it.  But, after some eyestrain, I could see that the outseam was still bisecting my leg, leaning neither left nor right at any junction.  I can’t possibly tell you how pleased I am with the outseam.  I’ve passed many RTW pants/jeans/trousers because of the outseam.  I’ve dumped many a pattern because I couldn’t correct the outseam.  To have an outseam that is perfect with the first cutting and remains perfect is just so… outstanding,…..  ….. ….. ….. …. … I’m struck dumb.


I especially want you to see the lighted back view.  Generally I dislike “photoshopping”.  I think when you “photoshop” you lie and mislead.  I do however closely crop my photos just because of space limitations (and I’m sure you’re really not interested in seeing the hangers in the closet behind me).  When I need to see the wrinkles and drag lines, using the little sun symbol to lighten the photo is a wonderful aid for me.  It’s an aid for me, because most people, when asked, will tell you that you look fine.  Or that something is really nice.  Like “That’s a lovely color on you.”  They tend to avoid making critical comments like “wow what a vortex your butt makes in the back of your pants” or “you have a star around the your front pubi- area”.  Sigh, my point is even when you ask for help, most people are not complacent or uncaring, but rather prefer to say something helpful and complementary that is not derrogative. 


A camera however does not lie, even though dark colors try to cover-up.   Maybe they don’t try to coverup.  Maybe that’s just a component of dark colors.  Dark colors naturally conceal and cover.  For me to determine that I’m really creating the fit I want, I need the colors to reveal all the ugly.  Hence the sun icon is my friend.  Oh and the back of my pants,













Could be better, but compare with the KS3315 on the right.  The TJ906(on the left) are worlds better.  Absolutely worlds. BTW TJ906 have been lightened about 50%.


Well I’m being called to other activities.  I do promise however to add a fuller review of the pattern and instructions. Tonight, I’m just super pleased with these jeans. And to think, I began this exercise thinking it was a waste of time.