Jalie Jeans Part IV: First Fitting

originally published 3/17/10

I’m finally at the point of trying on these jeans.  I know they haven’t taken that long in hours.  Because I did a little everyday, they seem to have taken a long time.  But see how great these look:


Oh and when I stand with my legs apart, I have legs that go all the way up.  These jeans are a delicious, deep, dark navy blue.  It’s such a fabulous color and they feel good.  The fabric is smooth and dense, even though it is more of a light weight than heavy denim  I really wish I had bought much more.  This looks so fabulous, ……. until I lighten the picture so I can see the wrinkles.  Then I get





OK, at least there is no butt vortex or front camel toe.  But they definitely look snug.  Maybe I should go up a size, except when I look at the side view:


I’m inclined to think only the back is toosmall, as in not wide enough.  Clearly my outseam is on the back half of my leg.  It should be bisecting my leg.  The front is having to reach across my side to meet the back side seam. 


Unfortunately, I don’t have more than a few remnants of fabric.  Not nearly enough to cut a new back.  I do have some gross grain ribbon that I could insert. They don’t feel too tight.  I can grasp the side seam and find ease without any difficulty.  I don’t have to pinch and tug, just pinch.   Sigh, I don’t know what I want to do with this pair.  Jeans should be snug.  They should feel as good as this pair does.  Maybe I should just hem them and wear them for a day.