Jalie Jeans: Part III

orignally published 3/17/10

Yesterday was an odd day.  Not busy and my only commitment was to gather all the trash for Wednesday trash pickup.  Yet I couldn’t seem to get to my sewing room.  It was after 8PM when I landed there.  A quick review revealed that both back pockets were not stitched to the back legs.  So I started by finishing the pockets.  Remember that yummy deco embroidery, I wanted to use.  Well here’s a sneak peak:

I absolutely love it and the top stitching.  It’s the color of the denim that is making the difference, but the topstitching is absolutely glowing.  Here, look at the zipper:

So yes, I got the zipper done last night.  I did have a brain fart.  I did the zipper first then turned to my top pockets.  When you use a combination facing/front support, the support needs to go in before the zipper.  But I’d already goofed and nailed that zipper down with the topstitching.  I wasn’t even going to try removing tripple-stitching.  I jury rigged the facing, stitching it to the edge of the zipper facing and trimming about 1.5 ” off the facing/front support piece. 

Oh I and I got cold feet.  I had planned to use and had already cut the facing/front support from a beautiful Jacobean print -a never used set of pillow cases-  It is 100% cotton and has absolutely no stretch.  After thinking about this non-stretch factor, I trimmed it to the pocket edge and replaced the cut away with some stretch, nylon tricot. 

This nylon tricot is an interesting fabric on its own.  I’m pretty sure it was used in lingerie, specifically slimmers.  I purchased it from Walmart along with several others that were similar.  These were $1 fabrics that no one seemed to know what to do with.  But I recognized them as bargains from the lingerie fabrics and purchased 4 yard cuts of each.  Sadly, Walmart no longer gets these and after 15 years I’m down to 3 pieces.  Eventually I’ll have to pay big bucks for these.  But for now I use about an 6×8″ rectangle and shape to fit the front.  They provided just enough stretch to be comfortable but still provide support for my tummy.


So last night, I stitched the second pocket to the back, put in zipper and topstitched it; put in front pockets and top stitched them (only 1 line of topstiching on the pockets), serged the side seams and basted the inseams.    Once again, making progress. 


I added a few pics to yesterdays post.  I had taken pictures of the comparison between the jeans pattern and the trouser pattern.  I thought it was significant and decided to add the pic’s to my post. I didn’t change the text very much, so you don’t really need to read through, but you might want to check out the photos.