Do You Ever Just Get Disgusted With Sewing?

originally published 5/24/2010

I’m at that point right now. With pants. Yeah I had a bolo on the knit, surplice-blouse, but that isn’t what is disgusting me. What is really annoying me is all the time that I’ve spent (like about 9 months) fitting pants and it looks like I’m going to have to start all over. From square one. Measuring, square one. I think back to my Jalie 2908 experiences and I’m disgusted too. Why does a pant fit perfectly, but is a little too tight all over, not fit when I make the next larger size? Why is lycra the devil?


Those are all rhetorical questions. As I said I am disgusted with having to start back at square one and knowing I’ll probably be doing this once or twice more. I have been slowly losing weight since about 2006. This year I unintentionally accelerated the rate at which I’m losing. My doctor said that she preferred I lose like 6 pounds a year or nothing. She thinks that people who lose weight slowly .5 to 1 pound a month make life style changes and the weight they lose stays off. Like so many people I wish I hadn’t gone on my first diet. It seems that after that I’ve been on this treadmill of lose 5 gain 10. I’ve been happy to comply with my doctors instructions, the only downside is that my clothing is constantly being replaced. I’ve found that about every 10 pounds I need a smaller size. The accelerated lose occurred this year when I deliberately added water to my daily regimine and cut back on the sweets . I had gained 3 pounds between Nov 1 and Jan 1. I knew it was from the extra sweets consumed during the holidays. So I cut sweets out and added more daily water consumption. I lost the 3 pounds in one month. Great. So I added back some sweets, only at meal times as dessert. I continued to lose 3 pounds each month. It’s the water. Has to be.


So what does all that have to do with my disgust? I tried on all the shorts in my closet. I think I counted 11 pairs. Not a single one fits perfectly. 11 pairs, some bought some made and not one fits. Either they have front smile lines , butt vortii or pull tightly over my upper back hip. I really should have seen the front smiles. But the back I wasn’t aware of. I didn’t start taking photos of my backside until Fall 2009. That’s when I discovered I can’t tell from a mirror if the backside fits. Spring 2010, I find that not a single pair of my shorts is wearable. I want to toss all my shorts. I think it will be easy. I have 3 long-leg pants-patterns that fit. I can just fold up the leg to the desired length, cut and sew. Nope. Doesn’t work. I tried that first on my beloved Joyce Simmons Murphy trousers. I was astounded at how big they were. Neither front nor back crotch was anywhere near to fitting. I set them aside to give myself thinking time. I decided to wear them loose, ignore what would become funky, unusable pockets and fit the crotches the Betzina way. I removed the waistband. Then slipped the shorts on and tied a ¼” elastic band around my waist. I pulled the pants up until they comfortable and marked the bottom of the elastic with my disappearing marker. I trued the line some and cut off from the top 2” in front 2.5 inches in back and about 1.5” at each side. My waistline looks really funny. Remember the icon for waves? That’s what it looks like. I stitched the waistband back on and I’m wearing these shorts today. I don’t think I will keep them. Even using this method, the back crotch feels too short and the front too long. I don’t know why that would be.


I’ve decided now is the time to take up drafting. I have instructions from Trudy Jansen. Yesterday evening I took a gazillion measurements. Today I draft my first pants pattern. I will concentrate on knee length shorts, constructed in woven non-stretch fabrics with particular emphasis on front and back crotch fitting. If I use pockets they will be patch pockets that can be added at the last second. Ya know, I’m just disgusted with spending hours adding cute details that can’t be worn.