Did those pants fit or not?

originally posted 12/27/2009

No pics, no, tonight’s post is more about soul-searching, whinning and contemplating then it is about inviting constructive criticism.  The muslin fit perfectly.  I transered 8 alterations, very carefully, measuring multiple times to the pattern and cut into beautiful, expensive wool crepe.  Tonight’s pics confirm that my DH has no more idea about fitting than the majority of the American Populace.  I’m sure he called these “fit” because they do not have smile lines, but do hug my behind.  If I was 20, we’d say I had a “cute butt”.  I am not 20, and I look at more than my rear.  In point of fact, I looked quickly and saw there are no smile lines (a good point in favor of these pants) and that the side seams were perpendicular with the floor (a second very high mark for this pattern).  But there are obvious deep diagonal wrinkles crossing the back of the the legs from ankle to waist radiating from inseam to outseam or vice-versa.  Something is very wrong.  Why?  If the muslin fit, and the alterations were accurate, the new garment should fit.  It does when I’m working with tops, why is it not working with pants? 

So a time of contemplation.  I do remember that I have fought this lining all along.  Should I have abandoned lining until I was sure the shell fit?  I made 8 changes.  I remember the first pair of pants (1990, 91 92?)  that finally fit, I made one change a week though 8 weeks until the pants fit.  Did I progress too quickly and therefore was doomed to the “haste-makes-waste” principle?

I took 2 sets of pictures.  The first set, I smoothed the pants out around my body before the camera snapped.  The second set, I pulled the pants up by rolling the waistband front and sides down a full turn (just like I do for RTW).  The second set of pic looks better than the first, but still not good. Not even acceptable, just improved.  They can’t be pulled up any further.  In fact, should I rip out the waistband and shorten the crotch, I would have to scoop out the the bottom of the crotch.  That doesn’t seem to be fixing anything.  I have not tried pulling the pants down at the front and sides.  I can do that, but tomorrow.  Tonight, I prefer to indulge in a pity-party. 

I’m considering returning to my early 1990’s procedure and make only 1 change at a time.  But I abosolutely know that my front crotch must be shorter and the crotch extensions must be extended.  Plus in this pattern, like so many,  the front side seams really need to be pulled forward at least an inch or more so that they will run perpendicular to the floor.  Otherwise, the side seams curve to the back.  This of course, means taking from the front side seam and adding to the back. 

After 3, 4 months on this pants fitting quest, I’m out of cheap pant-weight fabric.  Do I really want to make pants from good fabric and then discard the pants in a few weeks time?  To purchase more muslin-worthy fabric, I need to either order from the internet, which will take 1-2 weeks delivery or wait for my next shopping trip to the nearest fabric store which is 2 weeks and 1.5 hours away.  I don’t know.  But I am tired of making pants that I’m ashamed of wearing.  I wouldn’t wear these to bed and they were not cheap to make.