Continuing with the Changing Seasons: 2908Gen2Update

originally published 4/18/2010


Wow that’s a lot of veiws of my bu!!. I’m displaying only about 1/3 of the pictures I took 2 days ago. I don’t know how you feel, but I was pretty stunned.  The thing is the only way for me to tell that my pants fit is to take pictures.   Most people will not tell me the blunt truth.  Even my DH will say that I look OK even when I’m not looking really good.  Partly that’s because I always make the effort to pull myself together.  So even if one thing is wrong with my look, I have several good things going on. Also he compares me with the women out and about wherever we go.  Even I will admit that I look better 90% of them.


With the need to change from cold to warm weather clothing I knew I had 2 challenges facing me this spring. I knew (1) my previous pants patterns and RTW pants didn’t really fit me; and (2) I’m slowly losing weight.  I’ve lost 10 pounds from last year at this time, 6 pounds since the end of last summer (Sep 2009).  Part of me said I should just get rid of all my pants.  But another part said, well they weren’t all that bad.  I could live with the wrinkles in the back on my upper thighs.  In fact as long as the bu!! vortex wasn’t present, I could live with all the rest of the winkles.  After all as soon as a person starts to move, the person’s pants begin to accumulate wrinkles. 


Yeah, wimp, wimp and whine, but I have to add warm weather clothing to the active wardrobe and I do not want to be running around with the bu!! vortex, thigh wrinkles, front crotch wrinkles or any other detractive aspects to my lower half.  So when I took the pants out of storage, they were washed dried, lightly starched, pressed and then each and everyone was photoed.  Out of 24 pairs of pants I’m keeping 7, the last 4 I made, 1 RTW dress slacks and  3 pairs of RTW jeans just until I can make more 2908’s.  I need jeans.  Jean are good for all the dirty work I need to do.  Jeans are really good for most of life’s casual activities especially if the jeans are new or in good condition and fit perfectly. Actually have only 4 pairs of pants suitable for spring/summer wear which look good on me; and that may not be true for long.  Part of my shock when looking at my pics, was how many looked just horribly, horribly too big all over.  I was swallowed by my pants.  At 149 pounds, I was wallowing in my pants and they were hanging off me.  I did not realize I had lost that much weight.  Even the pants I would be wearable if I ignored some of the wrinkles, wouldn’t work because they were too large. 


I was so stunned that even though I’ve only lost about 6 pounds so far this year, I stopped and measured myself.  Generally I measure myself after losing 10 pounds and the next planned measuring was at 145.  Once again I was stunned I’d lost  2 inches for my high bust, gained 1 at the bust;   lost 1.5 at my waist, 2 at my abdomen and 1 through the hips.  That’s a stunning loss of inches in relationship to the few pounds lost.  I wondered about what caused this surprising loss.  I know that retirement life suits me.  I’m no longer getting up before I’ve had enough sleep, eating when I have time and what is at hand instead of eating when I’m hungry and choosing from a nutricious delicious selection.  I’m able to walk, my major exercise, throughout a much longer period of the year.  I.E. I walked at lunch if the weather permitted or after work.  I didn’t walk at night after the time changed and it was already dark when I got home; and walking at noon during 110 temp days didn’t happen either.  As a retired person, I am able to switch my walking to the time and temperature of the day that suits me.  I am therefore walking much earlier in the year, continuing through summer and into winter.  I walk most days from about March 1st through mid Dec.  I do not walk during blizzards, thunderstorms  or on the opening day of any hunting season.  My home offers a new source of exercise.  I have 2 flights of stairs which generally are traversed several times daily – great for tightenting buttocks, thighs, and legs -hard on knees and ankles.  And I’ve found new delight in dancing while ironing.  Yeah, I just plug in the ol’ Ipod into speakers, turn it up loud, sing and dance away my chores.  I’m ironing more often because it’s more fun.  OK I will check in on the eating side of things.  Not dieting per se.  But eating when I’m hungry and choosing from nutricious selections rather than stuffing my face with junk food, fast food, or dining out; certainly does reduce calories.  I have an aflliction that has a silver lining.  I have reflux and it’s really bad.  Especially if I eat after 6PM.  After one partcularly bad week I just made up my mind that I’d rather die than go through this again and I quit eating after 6PM.  I’ll drink water or coke but no food otherwise.  I’m just tried of being sick and up all night.  I’ve even been very, truly hungry with the stomach growling loudly and experiencing pain.  I told myself no.  I could have water or coke but no food until I was ready to get up and start my day.  I’m sure that helped by reducing the calories, but I also think that helped with the abdomen measurement and the whole tummy bloating thing.  Anyway, I am surprising slimmer both weighing and measuring less which means some most of the close from last year are going to be donated.


One downside though, the trousers and TJ906 jeans fit just weeks ago, are already getting too large.  I will have to refit them soon.  Sigh they too will be joining the other 17 pairs in the donation box. Also I’ve been concentrating on the pants since I knew they were probably bad when I put them up last year.  I have washed and pressed the shorts and the tops, but I haven’t been looking at them closely.  I don’t like to face the facts, but I have to.  I’m probably going to be replacing most of my clothing AND I still have 19 pounds to lose.  That means the replacements I’m making now, will also need to be replaced and hopefully (yes HOPEFULLY) before the end of the season.  After that I’m into maintenance mode.  Oh happy day.  When I get to that point.  OH H-A-P-P-Y DAY!



Now about Jalie 2908, Gen 2 Jeans


I’m so happy to talk abou them. Oh yes I am.  Something bother me about these jeans, both versions.  Just nagged at the back of my mind but couldn’t be clearly identified or expressed.  One of the things we talked about on SG was the need for accurate markings on patterns and that some pattern lines didn’t have sufficient markings.  I kept thinking about the comments on that thread and the fact that both 2908 jeans were 3/4″ longer on the back outseam than the front outseam.  Initially I assumed that I made some kind of error during either tracing or adjusting the leg length.  But that didn’t really fit.  I knew that accurate tracing, marking, cutting and matching were critical.  I planned to use this pattern  not once, but as the basis for every stretch pair of pants I make for years into the future.  I was deliberate and careful during the tracing and altering of the pattern and later during the cutting and sewing.  So why did both pairs have the same error on the outseam?  If it was a drafting error, surely someone at Pattern Review would have noted the error.  Surely all the blogs I’ve read would not have been screaming “perfect fit first time”.  Wouldn’t they have been screaming “perfect fit after I fixed the outseam”??? So I compared my Size Y (the last tracing) back to the master pattern.  Made sure all the notches were amrked.    Then I got out my notcher purchased from Nancy’s Notions


I paid $29.95 for this beauty, plus shipping.  Tried it out a few times and then hung it on my notions wall.  I decided it was time to put this to use.  I notched every notch on every pattern piece as well as notching both sides of the knee on both front and back leg patterns. Then  I aligned the front leg with the front-pocket facing and the front pocket back. Wowzer!  When I created the front facing which extended to the fly, I shorted the front by 3/4″ at the top. Both times I traced this pattern.  So I fixed the front pocket-facing pattern-piece.  With eyes gleaming, I start hunting through the stash for a suitable fabric to try out my discovery.  Ah that took several hours.  Actually I had seperated my pants fabrics into stretch and non-stretch categories.  I now sorted the stretch into warm weather and cool weather categories.  Then tried to decide which fabric to use.  I’m like 99.9% sure this is going to be wearable, so I’d like to choose a fabric that works well for me at this time.  I finally selected a  4-yard stretch-twill, 97% cotton 3% lyrca in a muted yellow.  I reasoned that if this fit beautifully, I could make it again when I lost the additional weight. 


So currently, I have cut a 3rd pair of J2908’s and am beginning to sew them together.  I’m absolutely drooling over the possible result.  I do realize that my fix takes care of the uneveness of the outseam, it’s not really addressing the wrinkles under the bu!!.  So I’m also changing my sewing procedure slightly.  I want to try out J Stearns solution for smoothing out those wrinkles, but I don’t want to be so commited that I ruin these jeans.  Usually I sew the back yoke to the back pants leg and then sew the outseams (yes there’s some other steps in there). This time I’ll be sewing the inseams, the crotch, sewing the CB of the yoke and basting the back yoke to the back but leaving most of of the center unattached; proceeding to the outseams, and waistband.  Then with the yoke free-floating, I can pin it down into place during the first fitting.  In words this is confusing.  I’ll try to take pictures and explain in my next post.  If it works, this will be a great way to fit pants with a yoke in the back.