2908 after the wash

originally published 4/29/2010

I’m still thinking about my X wrinkles in my pants.  The third version of 2908, the one where I corrected my mistakes, also developed lots of wrinkles between the knees and the butt.  After the first wash, there are even more wrinkles in the same area, plus the back crotch which looks perfect during the first wearing is now absolutely too tight.  Yep it’s butt votex all over again.  My fabrics are all preshrunk.  As soon as they come in the door I serge the cut ends and wash every single piece whether it is washable or not.  Sooner or later it will end up in the wash.  May as well face the worst that can happen before I invest my time in constructing a garment.  I was therefore very shocked to see how much this fabric shrunk.The cause of the wrinkles between knee and bum preplex me even more than before.  I had nearly concluded that the cause could be an athletic or full calve.  Actually, I do have very nice legs.  I was athletic as a young woman and even into my 30’s.  After I that I retained walking as my primary form of exercise.  It’s also very good for clearning the mind and reducing stress.  If you’re interested in that kind of information.  I do have a posture problem. I tend to lock me knees back whenever I’m told to stand up straight.  This locking back can intensify the look of the full calve.  In looking at the photos of my pants, the wrinkles are always in the back.  Had the problem been knock knees I should also have wrinkles in front.  At least one of minor proportions pointing to the knee.  But I don’t.  My pants nearly always hang perfectly in the front.  That is, after I have shortened the crotch to the correct length. I’d also tried the rememdy for knock knees without success.  Point is I was truly thinking that full calves might be my issue.  That is before the yellow pants shrunk, I was thinking the problem might be full calves.  Sandra Betzina also said that the problem with full calves will lessen or disappear when the legs are too tight because at that point the fabric can’t move anywhere.  But here was this pair which shrunk and the X wrinkles were worse than before.  What’s with that??? So now I’m thinking this may indeed not be the problem.  I really didn’t want to alter my pattern without at least some confidence in the results.  The first 2 pair fit very well even with my error matching the front pocket.  There is hardly any wrinkling.  Even now after several washes and the loss of 6 pounds.  As I considered the situation in front of me, the thought that the tighter legs could reduce the amount of X wrinkles stood out.  I decided, I couldn’t hurt these pants anymore.  So I basted an extra 1/8″ on each inseam and outseam strarting about mid thigh and going down just above the hem.  I don’t have pictures to share; and this was not 100% successful, but there are less wrinkles.  I’ve also taken pictures of my RTW stretch jeans which are now too large in the waist and hip.  I’ve lost enough weight that the butt vortex has disappeared, and there are no wrinkles in the back leg either.  I think, I’m going to trace the leg of the RTW and try to merge it with the leg of the 2908.  I’m not messing with the 2908 drafting above the mid thigh.  This yellow pair, though I loved initially, has issues because of the fabric.  And althought I just traced the size Y and used it for the yellow pair, I’m going back to the size X.  I’ve lost that much weight. Yes already.  It only took a few pounds of hamburger to make a difference with the pants.